Frequently Asked Questions

Why American Venture Solutions Regional Center? Key Investment Considerations for Prospective EB-5 Investors

What distinguishes American Venture Solutions from other majority of EB-5 regional center investment opportunities stems from the fundamental business reality behind each AVS project…before EB-5 foreign investment is injected as a capital resource.  AVS Projects will always have several critical things in common:

- A seasoned management team with a track record in the particular business sector…not “newbies” experimenting with EB-5 capital

- A substantial equity investment on the part of the General Partner or Principal; EB-5 capital supplements intelligent investment projects instead of providing uncontrolled speculative investment schemes by principals with no “skin on the game”

- Job-generation and capital expenditure is tracked on a real-time basis in ALL AVSRC projects, insuring that the Project remains on track with I-829 deadlines

The principals and institutions associated with American Venture Solutions have long and prestigious backgrounds in land development, project management, and entrepreneurship. They have been heavily invested – financially and personally – in numerous industrial, real estate, and development ventures, and in immigration compliance associated with investment-based immigration, for decades.   Today, it is the caliber of the AVS team and the prudent and fair use of low-cost EB-5 capital to create a new American jobs through the American Venture Solutions Regional Center which sets AVS apart.

American Venture Solutions Regional Center was created to identify qualified and accredited EB-5 investors who are looking for BOTH U.S. permanent residency AND a chance to prudently and responsibly invest in America.  America needs the jobs, and it is only after two decades and much exploitation of EB-5 investors where major U.S. industrialists are entering the EB-5 arena with a keen understanding of“the deal” as envisioned by the U.S. Congress 20+ years ago:

Invest in America through a fair deal and with prudent U.S. investors, provide the capital they need, create the jobs, and everyone wins.

Risk is part and parcel of an EB-5 investment and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying. Choose your U.S. partners wisely, and you will control both the risk of financial loss and the risk of having your permanent residency denied at the I-829 level. Ask the right questions…and the answers speak for themselves: