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In an EB-5 landscape where jobs are projected to appear from thin air, new real estate developments are projected to prosper in stagnant, supply-heavy markets and optimistic exit strategies boil down to "well... one day we’ll sell”…isn't it nice to have a REAL, PROVEN alternative?

Project 1: Lake Point EcoVentures

Forbes 400 General Partners, who have invested over $60 million to date, offering both Loan-Based and equity participation to a select 40 EB-5 investors in the USCIS-Approved Lake Point Project.

Operating, active aggregate rock quarry with minable reserves of approximately [60] million tons of limestone aggregates with a 25-30 year development/mining plan expanding through EB-5 funded job creation.

2200+ Acre Central Florida TEA site has been coveted by Florida water management organizations due to its strategic location; through a structured land donation, the Lake Point Project combines strategic and profitable rock extraction with concurrent ecosystem restoration for water reclamation and watershed improvement.

Lake Point is currently producing (Florida Department of Transportation) FDOT-certified shell rock base code B11, 57 stone, 89 stone, FDOT grade Rip Rap, dry screenings, washout sand and fill; these prime materials are essential to the road, bridge, and water control infrastructure projects funded by President Obama’s various economic stimulus programs.

Top Florida university economists project creation of 450 NEW full-time positions as a result of EB-5-Investor-generated direct job creation.

Two investor options:
1- 20 EB-5 slots with a five year loan commitment with loan repayment date defined prior to investor funding.
2- Direct equity stake in the Lake Point Project partnering with billionaire general partners.

The Real Deal

With over 200 approved EB-5 Regional Centers, a prospective EB-5 investor has to be very careful. Selecting a project which inspires confidence not only as a U.S. immigration mechanism but also as a conservative capital investment can be difficult given the aggressive marketing efforts utilized by many EB-5 projects. There is simply no substitute for doing your homework.

The American Venture Solutions Regional Center was designed from the ground up to address these issues by providing robust job generation within carefully analyzed EB-5 project opportunities backed by Americas most successful companies and individuals. For example, over four years of complex permitting and successful strategic alliances with the South Florida Water Management District, Martin County (Florida), and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the critical difference between AVSRC's Lake Point project is a textbook example of a win-win structure for both american enterprise and prospective EB-5 investors.

Take a look at our FAQ PAGE for specifics on why American Venture Solutions Regional Center EB-5 Programs are the REAL deal for prudent EB-5 investors and to learn how American Venture Solutions can deliver Rock-Solid EB-5 Results™ for your planned immigration investment.